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What is HIV?
What are symptoms of HIV?
What causes AIDS?
What are symptoms of AIDS?
Where did AIDS come

How many people die from AIDS each year?
How do I get tested for HIV/AIDS?
How is AIDS transmitted?

MAAS Executive Director Judy Warren is available for speaking engagements on the state and national level

Approved United Way Provider

MAAS support services are Ribbons of Light

MAAS client support services have saved lives
... for our Clients
Midland/Odessa Area AIDS Support, Inc. (MAAS), was founded to counsel, comfort and support individuals with HIV/AIDS and their families. The story of MAAS will always be the story of Judy Warren, MAAS founder, and her brother Larry Yates, who changed lives as he died and forced a community to look at itself. Read the full story...

MAAS' AIDS Education Program reaches out to high school students with the facts and a message of self-esteem
... for Students and Parents

Founded in Midland, Texas in 1991, MAAS quickly evolved into an abstinence-based AIDS education program reaching out to area high school students and their parents, attacking misconceived notions of the disease, and potentially deadly sexual practices, at the source.

MAAS AIDS support is fueled by generous community support
... for the West Texas Community
MAAS has spread AIDS awareness and community support throughout the entire West Texas region, and beyond, delivering a uniquely powerful AIDS message to towns, congregations and audiences nationwide. MAAS services and programs have planted the seed of knowledge which has sprouted into community understanding, compassion and acceptance for those stricken with HIV/AIDS. Like ribbons of hope, life and light, the ripples emanating from MAAS fieldwork have changed the minds and lives of entire communities.

Step into the light!
We welcome you to MAAS Online.
If you have been diagnosed HIV/AIDS positive or know anyone who has, and need support or information, you
have come to the right place. We are "ribbons of light",
changing lives in West Texas and the world beyond.

Call us anytime at (432) 218-2002.
We would truly love to hear from you!



Special Features

Letters From Clients:
A first-hand look at living with AIDS and how MAAS helps

A Woman in the Wilderness:
MAAS Founder and Executive Director Judy Warren

The Story of MAAS which sparked massive change in
West Texas AIDS awareness

Letters From Students:
Responding to MAAS' High School HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Program